Book Launch Event: November 28th, 5 pm at Tsunami Books
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Greetings all.

I’ve got a new novel out. Just published. Title: Last Stop Before Tomorrow. Now that I’ve written and published it, next step is getting the word out. 

If you’re in the Eugene area, I invite you to join me for the book launch at Tsunami Books in Eugene (2585 Willamette St.), Saturday, Nov. 28th at 5:00 p.m. I’ll be talking about the book, its genesis, its characters and themes, and reading from it. And, of course, signing copies. Please join me for the celebration if you can and let your book-loving friends know about it. It would be wonderful to see you there. Popcorn and drinks will be served. 

If you’re not in the Eugene area, the book is available as an eBook and in paper wherever you buy your books. Please consider ordering a copy. It’s through book sales that a buzz is stirred and that will help me with next novel. If you read it and like it, do please post a review on Amazon

What’s the book about? At its core, it deals with climate change and our human relationship with technology through the millennia. Along with the main characters, the figures of Prometheus, bringer of fire, and Pandora, the inquisitive, figure prominently in the narrative. Their legacies also hang in the balance as they wonder if the outcome will be tragic or transcendent. 

Here’s what some readers have said:

“Kept me on edge of my seat to the end. Characters of great depth who play off each other with grace and courage. What an extraordinary tale, and told with such depth and passion, so elegantly crafted. Book has sweep, velocity, and power akin to the novels of Leon Uris.” – B. Lebaron, musician

“The dialogues are fascinating. I love the poetic use language. The writing is brilliant. It’s not just a story, it’s an experience”. – B. Wulf, artist

“This book is one of my favorite reads in a long time. It’s fun, full of radiant characters, and so crowded with history, philosophy, and science.” – T. Mollers, writer

Thanks for helping me spread the word. First we write, then we market. 

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