Why have we not responded to climate change sooner and faster?
On December 29, 2015 | 0 Comments | Blog Posts |
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It’s easy to feel frustrated with the pace of our response to climate change, to feel that we should be doing more, making changes faster, etc. Some 45 or so years have passed since we first became aware of the potentially dire consequences of our behavior on the planet and still forests come down and CO2 emissions rise. Why are we not doing more, sooner, now!? But this is no simple change to make. The truth of the matter is we have only been able to act as fast as we have in response to our dawning recognition of climate change, have only been able to take in what is happening as we have, exactly at the pace we have given who we actually are. We are doing the best we can. I see a parallel in each our own lives when we see in ourselves deeply-rooted behaviors we would like to change. Climate change as a phenomenon in the life of our species is unprecedented. We have never had to face such consequences to our behaviors, and those behaviors stretch back millennia. This is no turn-on-a-dime kind of situation. This is deep and wide. We hope that we can learn enough before it is entirely too late. In the meantime, even as we urge change and harness the power of impatience and desperation in the face of this slow and growing emergency, some compassion for our plight and our efforts is in order.

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