Paris climate change talks and Last Stop Before Tomorrow
On December 9, 2015 | 0 Comments | Blog Posts |
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In Paris, we see world leaders struggle to take action to constrain climate change, to take hold of history and direct its course. The story in Last Stop Before Tomorrow asks how in control of the unfolding narrative of the human enterprise we are, to what degree we tell the story of which we are a part and how much we are told by the story. We must act with the assumption of agency, and yet the factors that forge our path into the future are myriad and complex. I sometimes have the sense of us watching ourselves with baited breath to see how able we will prove to be to determine our future. There is a kind of suspense as we watch to see how things will turn out. So much is at stake and yet we can sometimes have that bad-dream experience in which movement seems impossibly difficult, in which we are trying to run from or run towards and our body can’t move as we want it to. Last Stop Before Tomorrow offers one look into the climate change mirror.

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