Climate change destiny
On February 1, 2016 | 0 Comments | Blog Posts |

One could say that the climate changes and systemic impacts we are now facing, that threaten to disrupt critical life-support systems, have been our destiny since we first appeared as a species, inquisitive and clever. From the making of our first tool, we were on our way. Looking back at our past, there appears an inevitability to it. If we were to make our early tools and harness fire, where were we to stop? I suppose we might have followed a different technological path but it’s difficult to see what that might have been. Could we have focused on wind and solar given the presence of wood, coal, oil, and gas? But as long as the story continues, destiny isn’t a place but a process. Destiny is a series of destinations. We have reached this moment, the logical outcome of all our previous decisions as we have found our way into the future like blind people in the dark, and we wonder how to continue to forge our path. Destiny is not deterministic, but each step leads to the next. The characters in Last Stop Before Tomorrow grapple with how to influence the direction. They push on the tillers of their own lives and do what they can to contribute to the unfolding human destiny process. The story continues.